Meet Sabrine

I created ilk to help moms feel like themselves again.

I know you’re tired, mama. I’m a mom too and I get it. I spent years feeling like total crap till I realized it was possible to feel better.

As a pharmacist, I knew intuitively that there had to be a way to boost my energy levels. As much as I love being a mom, motherhood drained me in a way I was not prepared for. I’ve been on a mission to discover the secret of vibrant energy for over 10 years and built ilk to help other tired, worn-out moms be part of a community that helps them reconnect with that young, vibrant person they used to be.

My team of medical professionals and I work hard to formulate products and resources that help rebuild your energy levels so you can carry on being the awesome #bossbabe you know you’re meant to be.


Sabrine x

PS: You can follow my weight loss journey here

But ilk is such a weird name. Why’d you choose it?

In Old English, the word "ilk" meant "the same". People would say it to refer to a family or community of people.

And in Turkish (where we source our rich, cold-pressed black seed oil), ilk means, “to be at your prime”.

We brought these two concepts together to create a community of like-minded moms who all have the same goal: to FEEL their absolute best so they can BE their absolute best.

I Use The Products Everyday

I personally use all of our products and give them to my own family.

When I started this company, I was shocked to learn that many supplement founders don’t use their own products and instead, buy their personal stash from more “premium” brands. That shook me to my core. If the supplements they sell aren’t good enough for them, then they’re not good enough for you, either.

I work closely with ilk supplement suppliers to make sure that every single ingredient is clean, non-GMO and where possible, organic and vegan. The ilk guarantee is simple: we’d never sell anything we wouldn’t use ourselves.

Stop putting your health in the hands of companies who wouldn’t use their own products. Trust the brand that experts trust for themselves.


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