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tired of being tired? we feel you.

Being a mom is exhausting.

As moms ourselves, we know what it's like to yearn for the days when energy felt like an unlimited resource (clubbing till 3am, who dis?).

As medical professionals, we also know that energy levels can be tweaked and optimized.

We created ILK with one simple goal: to build supplements, resources and products that will help you feel like you again.


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Take the fatigue quiz developed by our team of doctors and pharmacists.

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Receive a free personalized report with recommendations on how to boost your energy levels.

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Order your energy-boosting supplement stack and get unlimited online access to your personal health coach.

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It took some time, but I did notice more energy and a cleaner breath. I have COPD and noticed a vast improvement. Ordering more soon!

– Georgie P

Immediately saw a big improvement in my blood sugar numbers. I am pleasantly surprised that this works so well.

– Marleine V

Almost finished with my first bottle of black seed and just ordered the second. So far I can say I definitely see a difference with my stomach issues! Eating all kinds of things and able to drink coffee again!!! Hoping the second bottle will be the one that takes me back to full health after years of issues. Highly recommend this product.

– Mommy J

In order to help me with low energy and low arousal, I bought the horny goat weed after hearing about them from my doctor. His advice was spot on as I have seen my energy and arousal increase the last several months. I am now on my third bottle. I waited to see how it went for a month or two before writing my review. But since I am happy with the results, I am writing my unbiased review. 5 stars from me.

– Quiggle Tigg

I take this (black seed oil) regularly with a balanced diet and am very happy with the results. I feel great and I never get sick!

– GreenMom

Since I am not a fan of using things like energy drinks, I like when I find another product that boosts my energy and performance. This horny goat weed does just that.

– Lee Allen

Our signature collection of supplements have been designed to support you on the path to clearer thinking, better living and a whole new way of being.

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